Shambhala (E​.​P​.​)

by Anubis 9:3

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released March 9, 2016



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Track Name: Shambhala(The Return)-Prod. By:Mad Money
Back to Anubis, Let's do this I went to bliss forgiving Judas on a crucifix, I came to uplift with a gift to shift this world of sickness into a pearl within this ,Ocean of onyx exploding with conscious, Growing on going sowing not slowing the knowing conquest, Yes I'm possessed by Tut Moses like uncut roses I hide my true nature with a thorn by my side

Inside the all seeing eye Allah climbs the tree of life revolving infinite light ,Christ like luminous spheres appear in the atmosphere Clearing out the Archon rats from here, Fear disappeared in an instant, Fazing in angels,saints, and sages ,ascended masters so ancient ,The end of judgement, the beginning of abundance,reinventing of substance Being oneness in full circumference, Complete cipher reaching higher heights, Rising out deep fires we acquired the messiah's rites, Igniting peace and equality ,perceiving theology ,Breathe at one with thee ecology ,receiving love come follow me, Into the sun where Apollo be, Speed 93 million miles freed, Be baptized in thee inferno, redeemed rap when I turn yo, Weak past filled with hurt shown, to be blast back to Earth slow, Truly we have surpassed the worst so, relax as our worth grows

The voice inside amplified till the minds could not hide From the truth reflecting back from outside, I heard the cries testify down the mountain sides, The time is now for thy, the sky is rectified, I spy the shams landing in formations of mandalas, Groping lands urgently unearthing serpent energy Kabbalah, Return of Shambhala ,No more worship for all the Vermin servant followahs, We are the person for which we searched ,Perched on the Earth which is the purest church service, We were birthed under the birds with worth and certain purpose, First were the Annunaqi who tuned man's bodies to bloom, Under blood moons out their cocoons for the truth Illuminati, Exhumed from the tombs of Ani, be the key to Orion's dreams, In where we greet the elite race of lion beings and combine the rings, We are the Mayan kings , council of nine dimensional Essenes, Twelve agreeable beings, It's unspeakable what I'm seeing

Open you eyes inside the evening,
Peace and greetings,
Welcome to Shambhala